Maternity Shoots

When is the best time to do a shoot?

Ideally the best time to do your shoot is around the 7 month mark. We find this is a great time as you are starting to feel better if you have been sick in the early stages. Pregnant women have the “glow” about this time. If it is your second or third pregnancy and you have popped out a little earlier then you first and are feeling good then by all means come in earlier.

We love getting the whole family involved so make sure you bring your partner and other children along.

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Where does the shoot take place?

We like to design your maternity shoot to reflect your personality so we encourage you to get creative. We can create an intimate setting in our studio for you and your partner and capture some elegant black and whites. We can also design a location shoot such as the beach on sunset. We will help you create a shoot that’s perfect for you.


How much will your maternity shoot cost you?

Booking a maternity session with us will cost $100. This $100 is payable on booking your shoot and is non refundable if you simply change your mind. We have photo package available to suit all budgets. Please ask us and we will send them through to you.

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